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The CW Wraps & Marketing Blog will make you smarter and more attractive. Okay, maybe it won’t make you more attractive, but we guarantee that you will learn something. Whether it be tips for taking care of your wrap, marketing ideas for your small business, or really cool design ideas that will blow your mind, we are sure you will learn something.  And, now that I think about it, maybe our blog will make you more attractive. After all, they do say that the #1 to be more attractive is to be interesting, and our blog is full of interesting tidbits. Enjoy!

What Is Vinyl Wrapping & Why Is It Important In Today’s Marketing World?

Marketing has been around for many, many years (even ads on papyrus by the Egyptians) and is an industry that is constantly evolving and is both controlled and dictated by those who are marketing and by those who are viewing, listening, reading and ultimately buying. But the question we would like to pose is how much fight does vinyl wraps have in this battle for marketing relevancy? But first, what are vinyl wraps or vinyl wrapping? Vinyl wraps are said to have been invented in the UK over two decades ago when German taxis started using them. They are essentially a giant, professionally produced vinyl sticker that wraps the body of a vehicle and is used as a new and, for some parts of the country, untapped way to effectively advertise. So why is this new way to market your business or product important to today’s audience? Or better yet, to today’s marketing professionals? Why should we care? In a world where marketing has become so saturated, doing the same old thing is less effective each and every day. DVRs allow us to skip TV commercials, radio listening is at an all-time low, the newspaper industry is slowly disappearing, etc. This is why guerrilla marketing is at an all-time high as it allows advertisers to reach their audience more effectively, in an interesting, attention-grabbing manner. And this is where vinyl wraps fall. But where is the proof? First, outdoor media plays a vital role in the media mix because it reaches consumers missed by other media and enhances exposure of other media. This is according to a study by Arbitron, Inc., an... read more

What Is Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is any advertising done outdoors that promotes your business’s products or services. The best kept secret in marketing, out-of-home advertising gives business owners the opportunity to reach potential customers quickly and directly, and at a much lower cost than traditional advertising.   Outdoor Advertising Is The Best Way To Advertise Business owners that have used outdoor advertising have seen first-hand the positive impact outdoor advertising has on building brand awareness, brand recall and driving sales. One of the most cost-effective ways to advertise, it has a distinct advantage over traditional advertising and is more powerful than ever.   Benefits of Using Outdoor Advertising A study by Aribitron found that 2/3 of consumers make a shopping decision while in the car. Outdoor advertising gives you the chance to influence that decision, without the distraction. Other benefits include Can be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Standalone advertising, and does not compete with other messaging Up to 80% less expensive than TV, newspapers, and radio   Different Types of Outdoor Advertising With consumers spending 70 percent of their time away from home, outdoor advertising is a great way to catch their attention. And we are not just talking billboards. While effective, billboards can be costly and hard to come by, which is why the outdoor advertising mediums below are a better option for most business owners. Exterior Signs Interior Signs Banners Car Magnets Outside Wall Graphics Vehicle Wraps Mobile Billboards   How To Advertise Outdoors Offering a quick turn-around time, the ability to get in front of potential customers, and at a fraction of the cost... read more

First Responders under Wraps!

We finalized this Kootenai County EMS System vehicle yesterday. These graphics were all done using reflective vinyl — Some people use reflective due to requirements, others just like the look and attention. No matter which one you are, we are here to serve you!   Have some ideas? Give us a call 208.777.WRAP Side view of a fleet wrap for Kootenai County EMS Support Back view of a fleet wrap for Kootenai County EMS System Fleet Wrap for Kootenai County EMS... read more

Kind words from PGA Pro Chris Johnston

When “Cart Wrappers” first approached us this past summer, with the idea of wrapping our Golf Cart Fleet, with Advertiser Graphics, I must admit that we were at first, a little bit skeptical. As things turned out, and much to our pleasant surprise, the concept created an overwhelming amount of attention. Within a week, we had over a dozen advertisers signed up, and “Cart Wrappers” had graphic packages designed and in production. By the end of the first 30 days, we had custom wraps installed in our fleet of: Restaurants, Car Dealers, Attorneys, Contractors, & Financial Companies, to name a few. Working with “Cart Wrappers” has been an absolute pleasure as their design staff, sales folks, & installers are professional in every way. Besides the fact that the carts look amazing, the added revenue to our bottom line has been a great blessing. In these tough economic times, it is nice to get access to a program like this, that can create an additional revenue stream for the golf course, without any initial cost outlay! This is a true “NO BRAINER” and I would highly recommend that every golf course, promote this to their entire membership, so to take advantage of this fantastic program. You have nothing to lose… Thank You Cart... read more