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There’s no denying that wall murals are a super cool way put your decor over the top. Painting a wall mural is time-consuming. It may disrupt your business while it’s in progress and is permanent (unless you want to paint over it). In addition, if your vision requires expert application, such as a faux finish, this may prove too costly for your budget. Architectural wraps provide all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of wall murals, just like a vehicle wrap. Placed indoors or out, our wraps will enliven your place of business, office, home, shop or you name it! And, any time you want to revert to the original paint or finish, we can easily remove the wrap.

Architectural Wraps vs. Paint

  • Unify your space
  • Complete your company’s branding
  • Lend a particular feel to a room or office
  • Share a message or mission
  • Advertise an event
  • Decorate seasonally
  • Remove easily at any time

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