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Today’s challenging marketplace demands you take advantage of every cost-smart opportunity to get your name, logo and brand in front of consumers. Our national mobile advertising program, Big Rig Billboard, gives you the opportunity to get your message in front of one of the last available captive audiences.

Power of Mobile Advertising

Big Rig Billboard embraces the logic that mobile advertising should be a part of your marketing plan. With an ROI greater than traditional advertising media, mobile advertising has the power to supplement your current marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost, thereby increasing brand awareness, visibility and reach.

As commuting distances change, people are in their cars more often, for longer periods of time and mobile advertising makes more and more sense.

  • Mobile advertising provides continuous exposure and millions of impressions
  • Mobile advertising complements existing media schedules
  • Mobile advertising is the last chance to put your ads in front of someone where they can’t escape
  • Mobile advertising is cost effective


Value of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising, or truck side billboards, are one of the most affordable advertising mediums. Big Rig Billboard allows your company to advertise at a fraction of the cost of other out-of-home advertising opportunities.

Take this example: in Los Angeles, a 14′ x 48′ billboard costs $113,950 per month – providing 672 square feet of stationary exposure to vehicular traffic at $4.13 cost per impression (CPM).

That same message on a 53’ truck costs $2,000 per month – providing 848 square feet of moving exposure at $2.50 CPM.

The fixed billboard advertisement is smaller and costs more per impression, many of which are the same commuters traveling the same route daily. Mobile advertising on a 53′ truck is a larger ad, for less money per impression, and these impressions re more likely to be unique viewers. Convinced yet? Big Rig Billboard advertising means a larger ad, for less money and greater reach.


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