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Camo has been in use since prehistoric times, when hunters wore animals skins to disguise their human forms. You already know the benefits of camouflage: it allows you to get closer and dissolves your outline into your surroundings. Sporting it when you’re not hunting can also be an expression of your appreciation for the sport and for the outdoors. 

CW Wraps & Marketing offers a variety of camoflage-patterned vinyls perfect for the area. Our design team will work with you to wrap your truck, ORV or trailer so it blends into the surroundings. We can also design a custom wrap using camo to fit your style and creative vision. Or, visit our shop and check out the selection of camouflage remnants currently available. Wrap your own laptop, smartphone, toolbox or anything you can dream up.

Make your hunting rig really work for you. Contact us today to discuss a camo wrap for your vehicle and request a quote.

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