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A color change wrap does just that: changes the color of your ride. Just as clothing goes out of style, so do vehicle colors and finishes. A color change wrap not only updates your look, but also protects your investment. Many customers will have their vehicle wrapped as soon as they drive it off the lot, in order to preserve the factory finish and maximize resale value.

Other reasons to choose a color change wrap

Perhaps you’re bored with your average-colored car. It can be difficult to locate in a crowded parking lot. Perhaps it doesn’t show off your individual style. A vinyl wrap in a vibrant color, cool texture or iridescent finish can reflect your individual style with the added benefit of being removable at any time.

Time and the elements can be unkind to a vehicle’s exterior, despite how well you care for it under the hood. UV exposure fades many paint colors over time. The clear-coat may dull or become scratched, as when driving brushy forest roads. Refresh your vehicle on the outside to match its fine condition on the inside.

You can expertly repair dents and dings, but mismatched panels and body filler detract from your efforts. Forget about trying to have the original paint color matched or paying for a costly all-over paint job. Having a wrap applied will unify your vehicle and do your bodywork the justice it deserves.

Benefits of a color change wrap

  • Refreshes a faded finish without a new paint job
  • Revert to the original color anytime
  • Protect the factory finish for resale
  • Wrap the whole vehicle after a repair and forget about matching paint

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