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Why spend precious advertising dollars on a static billboard when you can spread your message over various roadways with bus wraps by CW Transit. One transit route can serve numerous – and varied – neighborhoods, multiple downtown streets and even highways. Compare that to a static billboard above one highway, with many of the same viewers day in and day out, and you can see why advertising via a bus wrap is the way to go. 

Reasons to Choose CW Transit

As a business or organization, you may be seeking greater brand recognition. Moving your logo and information along a transit route is the perfect way to reach more customers.

Non-profits need to spread the word to the community about what you do to serve them. Share a current campaign, public service announcement or meaningful message with a vast number of viewers. During the holidays, remind donors of your presence and mission in order to garner those needed dollars.

Event advertising is critical if you want people to come! Whether a concert, art exhibit or fundraiser, using the side of a bus to transport your announcement around town is one of the best ways to reach a large number of potential participants.


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