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Event displays have just seconds to catch someone’s attention. Growing your business relies on forging relationships. Each person who approaches your display is an opportunity for a new relationship and lifelong customer.

Events and trade shows can be expensive and a lot of work, and you need to maximize lead generation to make the effort worthwhile. Research shows that event participants will pass up a booth or display if it looks boring, uninteresting, has too words on it or the text is too small. Additionally, producing tons of print material to hand out is unnecessary, heavy work. Not to mention, those efforts are frequently wasted. After you paid to have them printed and hauled them to the show, most brochures are discarded unread. 

The CW Wraps & Marketing team specializes in eye-catching design and expert marketing strategy. You’ve seen our fleet wraps and truck wraps from a mile away, and your event booth should be no different. We understand that your display must clearly, quickly and effectively communicate your message.

Role of Event Displays

  • What you sell, and why participants should buy it
  • Why your product is the one that can solve the participant’s problem
  • Your product is worth buying

Good graphics tell your company’s story in a compelling way that keeps the viewer’s attention long enough for you to engage them. Our design team will work with you to design your event display to get leads “in the door” and buying your product.


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