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Your luxury vehicle deserves a luxury wrap. Whether your style is cool understatement or you want to blow people away, the experts at CW Wraps & Marketing works with you to keep up to date with current trends or set your own. The exotic finishes achievable with wraps would be cost-prohibitive or just impossible with automotive paint. Our luxury wraps are durable, washable and hold up to the elements – not to mention they can be changed out as trends evolve. 

Luxury Wraps Materials


Show off your car’s lines without distracting reflections while looking outrageously cool. Matte finish is on trend, so why not go all “murdered out” with a full matte wrap?

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber-textured wrap is the perfect accent for a matte field. Texture is immensely popular everywhere – exteriors, interiors, clothing, art – so why not make your ride a standout with the look of a carbon fiber wrap.

Brushed Metallic

Nothing says luxury like metals, and a brushed metallic vehicle wrap will garner a second look. Our team will help you design a full wrap or brushed metal accents to suit your style.


It’s called “paparazzi-proofing” because of its intense light-reflecting properties. Turn heads and deflect camera flash with a wrap like no other.

Pearl & Iridescent

The depth and beauty of a pearl finish is unmatched. Pearl and iridescent wraps reflect light in a unique way, revealing more colors than you notice on first glance.


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