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Green space, gardens, hanging baskets and banners beautify our urban space. Similarly, public art contributes vibrance and unique interpretations of the world around us. CW Wraps & Marketing’s specialties include wrapping utility boxes. This is a perfect avenue for a municipality to highlight local creativity, bring a style or “feel” to downtown or serve any purpose you’d like. We’ve installed wraps on more than 50 utility boxes as part of the Coeur d’Alene city beautification project. We’ll work with you to design and install wraps to bring art, color and fun to every corner of your town. 

Reasons to Wrap Utility Boxes

Is your town a creative hub? Tap those artists to design specific wraps for downtown boxes. You may also install a variety of works, highlighting the range of art based in your community.

Feature artwork from area schools to showcase up-and-coming talent. Students of all ages love to have their artwork printed. Lend a fun vibe or unique perspective on the region to your downtown with a class project or contest.

Rebrand your town. Do you have specific messaging or a special feature to highlight? Utility box wraps are a beautifying, eye-catching way to influence visitors and residents alike.    

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