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Using CW’s Social Listing program, you can drive more customers to your doorstep by making yourself easier to find. This program keeps your local business listings consistent and up to date across all platforms.
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Digital Presence Matters

78% of participants indicated that they would avoid a business that had incorrect information online.

84% said that they used a search engine to look up a business’ information within the last six months.

The number one thing customers look for when searching for a business online is hours of operation. A 2014 study titled Impact of Search Listings for Local Businesses found that businesses were three times as likely to be perceived as dependable and high quality if they had complete online listings. On the opposite side, 77% of participants in the study indicated that they would avoid a business that had incorrect information. With almost 84% of participants saying that they used a search engine to look up a business information within the last six months, it is important to give the correct information to the customer. Maintaining a good digital presence is important to keeping a positive relationship with customers.


Be Seen Everywhere

Having consistent listings across all social platforms is an integral part of getting found and maintaining customer relationships. Being able to see your business’s address, phone number, and hours of operation no matter which search engine or social platform your customer uses is key to bringing in more customers and increasing sales revenue. CW Social Listings program will connect and maintain your business information throughout all platforms, making sure you are seen everywhere.



Search engines have continually been compiling their own business listings on the search engine results page or (SERP) in order to reduce the time it takes consumers to find the information they’re looking for. Using the CW Social Listings program, you can take advantage of this SERP function in order to have your business show at the top of the search results page.

When a business’s SERP listings are complete with hours, reviews, ratings, photos, and relevant information like
menus or product lists, consumers are 197% more likely to view that business as a place they can depend on.

– Google/Ipsos MediaCT, 2014

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