Emergency Vehicle Graphics

Emergency Vehicles Graphics

From decals to door panels to fully-wrapped emergency vehicles, CW Wraps & Marketing will help you design and install emergency vehicle graphics. These include but aren’t limited to police car graphics, fire truck graphics and other municipality vehicle graphics.


Emergency Vehicle Graphics

CW Wraps & Marketing understands that emergency vehicles need to be seen. High-quality custom graphics create higher visibility in the community and help citizens quickly identify that help is on the way. Custom vinyl graphics give your emergency and public works vehicles a unique look at a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job. And, once the vehicle is retired from use, the graphics can be removed before it is sold to the public, saving yet another paint job.

Types of First Responder Vehicle Wraps

CW Wraps & Marketing specializes in public safety graphics for a variety of municipality and emergency vehicles including:

  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • EMT Vehicles
  • Stealth Vehicles
  • Tribal Police
  • Homeland Security
  • First Responder Agencies
  • Public Works Department
  • Campus Security
  • Private Security Companies
  • Private Ambulance Companies

Emergency Vehicle Graphic Packages

Our designers will help you design highly visible graphics that can be seen day or night. Your unique design can be adapted to all other specialty vehicles in your fleet, including cruisers, motorcycles, trailers, mobile command units, SWAT trucks, jet skis, boats, bomb trucks, prisoner transport, and more. In addition to fleet graphics, your custom designed emergency vehicle graphics can be used to create custom window graphics, wall wraps, business cards, and promotional items.

Police Car Graphics, Decals and Wraps

CW Wraps & Marketing can customize police car graphics to fit any vehicle including:

  • Crown Victoria
  • Ford Inceptor
  • Impala
  • Charger
  • Police Interceptor
  • Caprice
  • Tahoe

Serving The Communities Who Serve Us

As a former firefighter, CW Wraps & Marketing owner Sam Carlino has a personal connection to first responders. Experienced in designing, producing, and installing fleet and safety graphics, CW Wraps & Marketing provides the highest quality emergency vehicle decals and wraps. Call CW Wraps & Marketing today at (844) 77-WRAPS and request a custom quote for your emergency vehicle fleet.

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