Flex Banner

Advertising Flags from CW Wraps & Marketing

The Flex Banner™ is a new generation model of the Flex Blade® and offers more print area as well as a different design shape to assist with your advertising needs.

Flex Banner Features

  • Available in a variety of sizes (print sizes), including 7′ (22″W x 60″H), 11′ (33″W x 94″H), 14′ (35.5″W x 119″H), 17′ (35.5″W x 138″H), 21.5′ (41″W x 210.5″H)
  • Print Size: 27.5″W x 72″H (8.5′) or 27.5″W x 120″H (12′)
  • Top stays firm while bottom blows in the wind
  • Carbon composite pole system, including ground stake
  • Full color digital dye sublimated flags available in any Pantone color
  • Production Time: 12-17 business days

Since the introduction of the Flex Banner™, advertising your event, location, or brand, has never been easier. The prominent Flex Banner™ design will catch the attention of anyone who comes in contact. The unique shape and design of the Flex Banner™ stands out in any crowd and can easily be seen in almost any environment. The bottom corner of the Flex Banner™ will flap and move with the wind to add an additional way to turn heads.


Pricing starts at $180.00.