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CW wraps 2019 SSC Tuatara

August 29, 2018

CW wraps 2019 SSC Tuatara

Sam Carlino, Owner of CW Wraps, traveled to Pebble Beach, California for the unveiling of the 2019 SSC Tuatara during Concours d'Elegance.

The weekend before the show, Sam and Rando wrapped the Tuatara in 3M Brushed Aluminum vinyl. After many hours of careful laying and precise cutting the Tuatara was finally wrapped and ready to be assembled into its show ready state.

Even though this is only the second Tuatara to be built, the first being 7 years ago in 2011, they are expected to be put into production next year as the fastest production car in the world, which will put SSC North America back at the top of the list for manufacturer of the fastest production car followed by Koenigsegg.

Did you know that the Tuatara gets it's name from a lizard native to New Zealand? The Tuatara, Sphendon punctatus, is the fastest-known evolving creature!