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About CW

Wrap Hard, Play Hard

CW Wraps is a wrap and marketing company located in Northern Idaho that provides local and national marketing services. Emphasizing innovative design and excellent customer service, CW Wraps prides itself on the personal attention it offers each and every client.

A Little History Lesson

It all Started with some Vinyl

Originally started as Cart Wrappers, a national golf advertising program, owner Sam Carlino expanded both his staff and technology to better serve his clients. In September 2014, the name was officially changed to CW Wraps & Marketing to more accurately reflect the products and services offered to customers. While Cart Wrappers still exists, it is just one of the many local and national advertising programs offered through CW Wraps.

CW Squad

Sam Carlino CEO
Randy Shop Manager & Installer
Tyler Account Manager
Frances Office Manager
Wendy Project Manager
Kip Account Manager
Brenda Promotions Manager & Graphic Designer
Gary Graphic Designer
Maddie Graphic Designer
Matt Installer
Dave Production Manager
Alan Production
TJ Prep Tech