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Custom Wraps

When you say you say you want a wrap there are a couple things we need to know including what kind of wrap you want. Here are some of our most popular wraps so you can better understand what wrap will work best for you.

Types of Wraps

Color Change Wraps

A color change wrap does just that: changes the color of your ride. Just as clothing goes out of style, so do vehicle colors and finishes. A color change wrap not only updates your look, but also protects your investment. Many customers will have their vehicle wrapped as soon as they drive it off the lot, in order to preserve the factory finish and maximize resale value.

Other reasons to choose a color change wrap
Perhaps you’re bored with your average-colored car. It can be difficult to locate in a crowded parking lot. Perhaps it doesn’t show off your individual style. A vinyl wrap in a vibrant color, cool texture or iridescent finish can reflect your individual style with the added benefit of being removable at any time.

Time and the elements can be unkind to a vehicle’s exterior, despite how well you care for it under the hood. UV exposure fades many paint colors over time. The clear-coat may dull or become scratched, as when driving brushy forest roads. Refresh your vehicle on the outside to match its fine condition on the inside.

You can expertly repair dents and dings, but mismatched panels and body filler detract from your efforts. Forget about trying to have the original paint color matched or paying for a costly all-over paint job. Having a wrap applied will unify your vehicle and do your bodywork the justice it deserves.

Benefits of a color change wrap

  • Refreshes a faded finish without a new paint job
  • Revert to the original color anytime
  • Protect the factory finish for resale
  • Wrap the whole vehicle after a repair and forget about matching paint

Truck Wraps

Whether you’re looking for a unique texture, color or really cool graphics, we make it happen! Truck wraps are the perfect way personalize your vehicle, for work or play! The team at CW Wraps works with you to design and install the perfect wrap for your needs.

  • Favorite sports team
  • Your company, side business or hobby
  • A sponsor or brand affiliate

Boat Wraps

You invest good money in your boat. Personalize with a boat wrap or graphics and set yours apart from every other vessel on the lake. 

Our team will work with you to design a wrap that reflects who you are and what you love or do. Choose your favorite team, alma mater, sponsors, affiliates, company logo, or just bad-ass graphics. Our professional installers will ensure that your wrap lasts and endures the elements.

Trailer Wraps

Just like with fleet wraps, trailer wraps are a great avenue to generate new business, raise awareness or stand out. Whether you use your trailer to haul vehicles, merchandise, livestock or as a food truck, these provide some of the best advertising real estate for your business. At CW Wraps we have the staff to get that moving billboard wrapped. We do your whole project from start to finish, all included.

Our design team has the knowledge and experience to get your ideas and message mocked on your trailer. We can start from scratch or make your trailer match existing artwork. We understand the importance of brand consistency and will work with you to make you or your company look professional.

Our 3M certified installers are ready to give your project the highest craftsmanship detail it deserves and is expected from being certified. If you are a local company we have our shops equipped to handle any size trailer. If you are out of town, than we produce everything in-house and send one of our installation crews to you. 

Benefits of trailer wraps:

  • Perfect for advertisements and event marketing.
  • Like with any wrap a trailer wrap ads protection from the elements.
  • Increased exposure with large flat services showcasing your brand.
  • The simplicity of install makes trailers cost-effective.

Off Road Vehicle Wraps

What could be more fun than riding your favorite ORV on your favorite terrain? Riding one with amazing graphics! Whether you love highmarking, riding trails or cruising around the “back forty,” the design team at CW Wraps can help you customize your toys to match your personality and reflect your interests. Do you hunt or want to make a statement with camo? Have a super hero design in mind? Are you an obsessed sports fan? We do it all, even down to integrating your company’s brand when your fleet includes off-road vehicles.

Vehicle Window Wraps

Need to customize your vehicle, but find a full wrap isn’t feasible or desirable? Wrap your vehicle windows! Alone or included with a full wrap, window wraps will make a maximum impact. Our window wraps comes with a choice of perforations, so you can see through them while driving. They also have all the advertising benefits of fleet or single truck wraps: moving, always-on advertising. 

We don’t restrict vehicle window wraps to business use, however. No matter what you have enthusiasm for – sports teams, hunting, fishing, wildlife, animal print, the flag – if you dream it, we can do it! Our team of professionals will work with you from start to finish to design and install a custom window wrap to personalize your ride and set it apart from everyone else’s.

We offer window vinyl in 50/50 (equal parts vinyl and holes) and 70/30 (more vinyl, smaller holes). We then use an optically clear laminate over the vinyl, which sheds water during rain and protecting the graphics from UV damage. “Optically clear” means the laminate prevents dirt and moisture from accumulating in the holes and clouding the window over time. 

Luxury Wraps

Your luxury vehicle deserves a luxury wrap. Whether your style is cool understatement or you want to blow people away, the experts at CW Wraps work with you to keep up to date with current trends or set your own. The exotic finishes achievable with wraps would be cost-prohibitive or just impossible with automotive paint. Our luxury wraps are durable, washable and hold up to the elements – not to mention they can be changed out as trends evolve. 

Luxury Wraps Materials
Show off your car’s lines without distracting reflections while looking outrageously cool. Matte finish is on trend, so why not go all “murdered out” with a full matte wrap?

Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber-textured wrap is the perfect accent for a matte field. Texture is immensely popular everywhere – exteriors, interiors, clothing, art – so why not make your ride a standout with the look of a carbon fiber wrap.

Brushed Metallic
Nothing says luxury like metals, and a brushed metallic vehicle wrap will garner a second look. Our team will help you design a full wrap or brushed metal accents to suit your style.

It’s called “paparazzi-proofing” because of its intense light-reflecting properties. Turn heads and deflect camera flash with a wrap like no other.

Pearl & Iridescent
The depth and beauty of a pearl finish is unmatched. Pearl and iridescent wraps reflect light in a unique way, revealing more colors than you notice on first glance.

Flip Shade Shifting & Color Flow
The newest vinyl to hit the market, color shifting vinyl is sure to turn heads as the color changes. You don't have to settle for just one color with this amazing vinyl. 

Step 1 : Idea

It all starts with an idea and no one knows your company better than you. So we want you to share your vision with our creative team to get your project started.

Step 2 : Design

Our creative staff is here to have your company stand out from the clutter and bring your ideas to life.

Step 3 : Deploy

Our company does it all from strategy, to design, to execution.

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